This Woman Successfully Face Swaps with Her Friend’s Bo*b, It Is Hilariously Bizarre

If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s about time you find out about one of the fun smartphone apps millennials use to entertain themselves.

Warning: NSFW, because bo*b

Snapchat has a filter called face swap, where users can switch faces with another on their smartphone screens. The results can be quite amusing, and some have been creative enough to think out of the box.
A couple of women had the crazy idea to use the face swap app using one’s face and her friend’s, well, mammary gland, to put it nicely.


To make the clip look more like a legit face swap, they drew a face on the bo*b, making the swap hilariously odd and bordering on disturbing.


“Your tit’s on my face,” just killed me.

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