This Drunk Russian Gets His Arm Ripped Off by a Caged Bear

It comes to no surprise how people get involved in absolutely horrendous situations due to heavy intoxication.

A lot of times alcohol has nullified any form of reason and common sense, making drunks a danger to themselves. And who can be more into alcohol than our Russian brothers, with this particular dude having his arm ripped off for his poor drunken decision.
Harrowing footage was taken in Murmanskaya, Oblast showing a drunk man getting his arm pulled in by a caged bear after attempting to stroke the furry creature.


This happened only a few seconds after his buddies shouted, “You f*cking idiot, don’t do it!” And to nobody’s surprise, the bear acted swiftly as soon as the man touched it, pulling him in and eventually tearing his arm to pieces as his friends scrambled to help him.


The man allegedly lost his forearm up to his elbow after the attack, but was still fortunate to have survived after the ordeal.

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