Tazed Criminal Fights & Shoots Cops 4 Times Before Escaping Arrest

Insane dash camera footage shows an incredible encounter between a pair of highway troopers and a pulled over driver.

Tazers, guns, and more were used during this shocking fight between this madman and officers.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains coarse language and graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

During this crazy shootout video, the police officers pull over the suspect, Daniel Clary, for a speeding ticket. Clary was also convicted of an attempted murder charge back in May 2017, the reason police started to handcuff him.

Handcuffs didn’t work on Clary as he resisted and started to put up a struggle.



Even though Clary tried to run, he was struck with a Tazer and stunned.

Struggling with the police officers, Clary managed to run away when the cops tried to handcuff him for the second time.

Running around his car, Clary grabbed a loaded gun out of his car and started firing at officers in cold blood.


Shootout (3)

A crazy shootout continued between Clary and the uninjured cop before the criminal slammed his foot on the gas and escaped arrest.

Police officer Seth Kelly was shot four times and arrived at the hospital clinically dead before he eventually woke from a medically induced coma that lasted 25 days. Kelly doesn’t remember the terrifying shootout.

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Shootout (2)