Suspect Tased And Shot Multiple Times After Grabbing Cop’s Stun Gun

A Pompano Beach man was shot by police after a bizarre encounter that began when he drove his car through a chain-link fence and into a small lake just north of the Florida Keys and was saved by another driver.

After being helped from the submerged vehicle by a motorist who had stopped along the highway, Jahmal Parker became combative with first responders before he was shot, police said.

“Sit down,” an officer yells at Parker, whose hands are covered in blood before he manages to grab the Taser. “You ever been Tased?”


Now, nearly five months after the incident, the video has emerged that not only shows Parker ignoring Miami-Dade police commands, but very clearly captures him grabbing a cop’s Taser and pointing it at one of the two officers there before both cops unleash a volley of bullets. Parker, 29, was shot in the leg and survived the encounter.


Throughout the encounter, Parker stands stone-faced, seemingly not reacting to what the officers are saying.

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