Summers So Hot It Exploded A Lighter & Melted This Man’s Car Seat

Summer can be blistering hot, so hot in fact, that this man’s lighter exploded and destroyed the passenger side seat in his vehicle.

Be careful where you keep your lighters people, this record hot summer might be good for the beach but not for your lighters.

Scroll down to see this shocking video of a lighter that just couldn’t handle the heat.

Imagine unlocking your car only to find your passenger side seat melted from an exploded lighter? Luck was not on this man’s side that day.

Buddy was lucky enough that this lighter didn’t combust while he was driving, at least!



Fire destroyed most of the seat while the heated metal pieces splattered and melted smaller portions of the seat. Melting close to half of this car’s seat away, it’s scary to think that a lighter would combust simply by sitting in the hot sun.

I guess no one will be riding shotgun in his car until he gets that seat fixed!


LighterMeltedSeat (3)

Hopefully, that was simply a defective lighter but just in case, you should probably bring your lighter inside with you if you like your upholstery unburnt.

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