Subway Doors Malfunction & Stay Open Giving Passengers An Interesting Ride

Subway trains are essentially high speed, underground bullets traveling through a very tight space.

Subways are as safe as any other form of travel but can malfunction like any thing does, like in the video below where the doors dangerously stay open as the train speeds off.

Scroll down to watch this shocking video of a subway train malfunction.

Surprisingly, none of the passengers seemed as scared as they should have been of open subway train doors.

Most of the passengers appeared to be shocked but unafraid of the open doors as this camera man and other passengers casually walked up to the open doors as the train continued to accelerate.



Risking life and limb, literally, these passengers decided to stand near the open doors and even stick their heads out.

All it would have taken is one lightning quick jolt and one of these people could tumble through one of these openings. That certainly wouldn’t be a soft landing.


SubwayFail (2)

Luckily there were no bumps during this subway ride, but remember if this situation were to happen to you, standing by those open doors is certainly a risk.

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