Shocking Moment Gangster Executes Birthday Girl Outside Club

Disturbing surveillance video released Sunday shows the moment a girl in the midst of celebrating in her 24th birthday is fatally shot by members of a gang outside her own house party in Brazil. Eliana Ferreira Campos, dubbed on her Facebook profile as ‘Miss Barbye Marley,’ was the first victim of the triple homicide that took place in the municipality of Ji-Paraná around 11pm on Saturday.



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Campos had rented out the party house she is seen on surveillance standing outside of while taking a smoke break and chatting with pals. Not long after, Campos is approached by a group of people who begin physically assaulting her before one takes a gun and shoots her dead. The two other victims shot dead afterward were identified by local police as Paloma de Oliveira Guimarães, 26 and Edmundo Cristian Ferreira de Matos, 18. It’s currently unclear how the trio knew one another.



Social media photos suggest the second two victims, Guimarães and de Matos, may have been romantically involved. The suspects in the gang-related incident were Fernando FS 25, Ray SS, 23, and Gustavo P. C, 22. The men were taken into custody and questioned by authorities afterward. Local news outlet RH 24 Horas reports the deadly incident was motivated ‘due to the war between the criminal factions Red Command and First Command of the Capital.’ Ray – the man said to have taken the gun to each of the victims – told police he feels no remorse for his heinous actions. ‘I’m not sorry at all… because if I do not kill them, they’re the ones who kill me because we’re at war,’ Ray, a member of the First Command of the Capital, or PCC, said.



He also told police that he and fellow gang members planned to kill more people in attendance to the birthday bash. Some members of Miss Barbye’s birthday party were apart of their rival gang, Red Command. The young, ravishing redhead last posted a public profile photo of herself signaling a peace sign as she walked away from the camera. Campos penned in the caption: ‘I put the pieces together and played back. That cut the feet of those who try to follow me, that cut my feet if i try to return.’



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