Reckless Chicago Gangs Start Brawling In Front Of Police At A Festival

A crazy gang-related fight broke out in front of police and security guards at the Fiesta del Sol festival in Chicago.

One man was taken into custody following this crazy brawl.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains coarse language and graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Around a half a dozen men were involved in this fight between two gangs at Fiesta del Sol, the largest Latino festival in the Midwest.

The gangs weren’t shy with both the cops or security at the four-day event as both sides started throwing fists in front of the authorities.


GangBrawl (3)

The one man taken into custody by police was a 21-year-old and was charged with a reckless conduct misdemeanor.

No other people were arrested, however, you can see a pair of men fleeing the scene of the brawl during the video while another man was being pinned to the ground by security.



Luckily this fight was broken up quickly by security guards and the police, even though it the cops looked hesitant to enter this short-lived brawl at the start.

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