Ray Lewis Admits “I’m Still Kissing [My Kids] On The Mouth,” & His Son’s Reactions Were Priceless

Ray Lewis gave a powerful NFL Hall of Fame speech yesterday which urged togetherness. One hilarious moment of that speech was when the legendary football player mentioned how he kissed his children on the mouth still.

Both of Ray Lewis’ son’s reactions were priceless after he made that personal statement, scroll down to see their reactions for yourself.

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During the speech about togetherness, Ray Lewis opened up about how he never had a connection with his father.

Lewis’ father was never around and his exact words were: “I never had my father physically touch me or tell me he loves me.”

What this football legend said next had his children in shock on live TV.


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Lewis confessed he’s, “…still kissing [his kids] in the mouth.”

Damn Ray, you just exposed your kids on live television and their faces and reactions expressed how they felt about it.

All three of his children were shaking their heads no after their dad told the entire world they still kiss their dad on the lips.



Angerly mouthing words that were likely directed at their father, Ray Lewis, his son’s were obviously upset about getting exposed on national TV.

At least the people in the back appeared to get a laugh out of this hilarious situation.

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