Queen’s Guard Slaps Flower Girl In Front Of Queen Elizabeth

Queen’s guards are usually dressed in their fancy red coats with a massive, and comical, fur hat.

During this video, one of those guards, not wearing a typical uniform accidentally slaps a little girl across the face after she passed flowers to the Queen of England herself.

Scroll down to watch this shocking and bizarre video.

A flower girl standing beside a guard passed flowers to the Queen of England at the start of this video.

The Queen of England is hard to miss, with her classic one color outfit and hat. But the old monarch seemed to miss the shocking moment one of her guards accidentally slapped the flower girl across the face.



As the Queen started her painfully slow walk away from the flower girl, her guards saluted the queen.

The guard standing next to the flower girl kept his saluting form perfect as the Queen walked past him. This flower girl didn’t know what hit her as she received a savage smack in the face for standing too close.


GuardSlap (3)

Standing still as a statue, this guard never reacted after he slapped this unsuspecting flower girl.

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GuardSlap (2)