Queen’s Guard Prank Ends in Scuffle to Troll Tourists

The Queen’s Guard seem to be gaining much attention on the Internet lately, and the most recent involved a tourist tripping on one of the soldiers and having a rifle pointed at him.

Not a smart way to treat the palace’s elite infantrymen. To even things out, the folks at Trollstation did exactly what they’re good at: troll people with pranks. The target? The unsuspecting tourists of one of the queen’s residences.

One of the pranksters dressed up as one of the Queen’s Guards and stationed himself where there was a high concentration of tourists.


An accomplice would go up to the guard and annoy the heck out of him, making him shout, “Make way for the Queen’s Guard!” The two eventually end up engaging in a scuffle, pranking all the tourists around them.


We all know the likelihood of this happening is almost zero, since most of us wouldn’t stand a chance against the Queen’s Guard, but it was all in good fun.

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