Pushed Teen Belly Flops Off 60ft Bridge & It Doesn’t End Well

A teenager in Washington State was pushed over a 60ft bridge over Moulton Falls on the Lewis River which resulted in five broken ribs.

Sixty feet is a long way to fall when you don’t expect to be pushed.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jordon Holgerson was the teenager who was pushed in the shocking video which sent her tumbling 60ft to splat against the water below.

Holgerson can be heard saying “no” as another person starts to count down out loud. When it was obvious Holgerson wasn’t going to take the leap of faith over the bridge, another person pushed her over the edge.



Holgerson is now in hospital but has five broken ribs and air bubbles in her chest.

Holgerson had this to say about the sudden and terrifying fall:

“I think I might have fainted, when I hit the water I was definitely awake and aware.”


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Signs were previously posted on the bridge to warn people not to jump from the 60ft bridge in Washington.

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