Phone Case Test With A Hammer Goes Completely Wrong

Every phone needs a phone case to protect it from falls, the weather, scratches and more.

Well, this Russian kid tries to show you just how indestructible his phone case is… with a hammer.

Scroll down to watch this kid’s hilarious reaction after he smashes his phone with a hammer.

Holding up and showing that this phone was functional before it was going to be smashed with a hammer, this kid swipes through his screen showing it was really a phone and not a prop.

Covering up his phone with his case this Russian kid then prepared his hammer for the test.



According to a Youtube commenter, this kid said: “Hi there, today I will show you a magic trick with a Samsung phone, as you can see…”

After smashing the phone protected in the case this kid shockingly find out that he actually destroyed his phone screen with the hammer.


PhoneCaseTest (2)

Obviously shocked by the results of his “magic trick,” this poor kid lost a phone but managed to create a hilarious viral video. So, was it worth it? Probably not, but maybe.

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