Petty Passengers Record A Thief Stealing From A Sleeping Man Instead Of Helping

Don’t fall asleep on public transit or you might get burned. Take this sleeping passenger for example, who nodded off on the train and had another person stealing right out of their pants pocket.

Scroll down for this shocking video showing a thief in action on public transit, which the cameraman decided to record instead of act on…

Would you watch or act if you noticed a person trying to take advantage of another person?

Obviously, the person recording this video would rather sit out and record because he never tried to warn this sleeping man of the thief trying to steal out of his pants pocket.



For nearly two minutes, at least on video, this wannabe criminal risked trying to steal whatever was in the pocket of this sleeping train passengers pants.

Managing to steal a card at the start of the video, this criminals luck stopped there.

No matter how hard he tried, this thief just couldn’t seem to secretly steal anything else from the snoring man.


Thief (3)

Suddenly waking up, this angry passenger reached his hands out instinctively to grab the criminal.

Sadly for this tired passenger, the thief did manage to steal what appeared to be a credit card at the start of the video and soon left his seat, likely scared of possible repercussions from stealing.

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Thief (2)