Off-Duty Boston Cop Goes Full Road Rage On A Pedestrian And Floors Him

The shocking moment off-duty Boston cop slams 54-year-old man to the ground and attempts to arrest him in road rage dispute.

An off-duty Boston officer was caught roughing up a man who allegedly tapped the cop’s window with an umbrella after being cut off by the policeman.


In a video filmed by Stephen Harlowe, the off-duty officer wearing a Red Sox shirt can be seen kneeling on the much smaller man, who is not being identified because he has not been charged with a crime. Harlowe says the officer – also unidentified – slammed the 54-year-old man in purple to the ground, grabbed a handful of hair and then slammed his head into the ground again.


The officer exited his vehicle and then chased the man in purple, who fled because the officer was in plain clothes and off-duty. Then, with his hand on the man’s collar, the officer forces the man to get up, he repeatedly tells him he’s ‘under arrest’ as Harlowe asks over and over to see the man’s badge.

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