Mans Arm In Horrendous Pain, Covered In Bees After He Stole A Car And Had “African Magic” Used On Him By The Victim

Well this is not something you see every day. This mans arm is in pain because it’s covered by bees… You read that right, his arm is covered in BEES! His right arm is absolutely coated in these bees until just above his elbow. Take a look for yourself in this shocking footage:



He claims that “African magic” was used on him as when he had stolen the car the victim of this theft had a “charm” used on him to cause to bees to do this. I don’t speak the language in this video but I hope she asked him if he tried to get them off of him. First stop I’d be making is for some insect repellant once these guys make a home on my arm.


MansArmCoveredInBees (3)


The more I look at it though, that’s so many bees, maybe he just slathered his arm in honey for the internet fame, who knows. But let this be a warning to all you car thieves: don’t steal from a Ugandan, they may use a charm on you and cover a body part in bees.