Israeli Soldier Babe Does The Kiki Challenge With A Semi-Automatic Twist

The Kiki challenge inspired by the In My Feelings song from Drake’s newest album has people dancing outside of their cars which has resulted in various viral videos.

While most involve great dance moves or accidents where the person fails, this Israeli soldier took the challenge in a more serious direction.

Scroll down to watch this soldier babe go to target practice in style.

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Jumping out of her car in style and with a grin on her face, this Israeli soldier babe started strutting and dancing to the song In My Feelings… with a gun.

Earmuffs on and ready, this prepared soldier was waiting for the perfect moment during the song to shoot her targets.



Once the chorus hit and Drake sings the inspiration for the Kiki challenge, this deadly Israeli soldier aimed and readied herself.

Firing multiple shots in style this Israeli soldier started to reload and continue her firing practice.


KiKiChallenge (2)

The Israeli army knows how to shoot in style, that’s for sure.

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