Good Samaritan Savagely Slams A Man Who Attacked A Cop & Reached For His Gun

A police officer was attacked by a person in response to a 911 call and during the struggle, this crazy man even tried to take the cops gun.

Scroll down to watch this Good Samaritan slam the fleeing suspect who attacked this Provo cop.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tracking down this suspect wearing a grey shirt wasn’t easy for this Provo police officer. Upon introducing himself to the suspect he was rudely ignored before this crazy man in grey reached for the cops gun.

Jumping into action, both this cop and the suspect started scraping in the gas station parking lot in front of many onlookers.



Disrespectfully pushed to the ground, this cop had to start running to catch up to the fleeing madman who tried to grab his gun.

Luckily for this cop, one of this onlookers was ready to jump in and use some savage WWE style moves on this suspect when he started to flee.


CopHelp (2)

Wrapping up the fleeing madman, this Good Samaritan slammed this suspect to the ground then promptly let the cop take control of the situation.

It’s always good to see people doing the right thing.

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