Girl Branded “Disgusting” After Being Filmed Drinking Beer Through a Dead Fish

A woman has been branded “disgusting” after being filmed drinking beer through a dead fish. Aimee Lynn, 28, was dared to take part in the bizarre stunt by her friends, where she drinks alcohol that has been poured inside a gutted salmon.

Filmed in Port Washington, US, the clip shows the moment Aimee opens her mouth and drinks a pint from between the fish’s lips. Her friend then gives her a high-five after completing the act, before she says: “That was awful.”


Afterward, she revealed that the most difficult part of the challenge was trying not to laugh during it. Since uploading the clip on Facebook, it has received over 3.5million hits and thousands of shares.

The American, who lives in Wisconsin, has received criticism for taking part with some commenters saying she is ‘disgusting’ for doing it.


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