“Ghost Riding” Wakeboarder Immediately Regrets Putting His Boat On Auto Pilot

Whatever your plans for the weekend are, if you own a boat, do not try the wakeboarding stunt you are about to see on the hilarious video below.

Leaving his speedboat unmanned and spinning in circles, this wakeboarder jumps into the water while no one else is behind the wheel of the boat.

Scroll down to watch how this video ends in a major fail.

With one action camera attached to the boat and another strapped to this wakeboarders chest, we get to see multiple perspectives of this “Ghost Riding” stunt.

Wakeboard in one hand and a MUG rootbeer in the other, this wakeboarder started his “Ghost Riding” stunt which was doomed to fail.



After riding waves for less than half a minute, you start to hear this wakeboarder start yelling “no” over and over again as he started to lose his balance.

Splashing into the water, this man watched his boat cruise around in circles without him.


GhostRiding (2)

Why this man didn’t have another person with him is beyond me, he must like a risky challenge.

I hear rumors that that boat is still doing circles in water to this very day…

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GhostRiding (3)