Furious Baseball Dad Sprints To Fight Another Parent Saying “Second Place Ain’t Bad”

Baseball is America’s favorite past time, so it’s not that surprising a hot-headed parent exploded in anger when his son’s team lost the national championship.

That anger turned into a full-on fist fight when this angry loser started arguing with another baseball dad through the fence.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains coarse language and graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Plano Monarchs were struck out ten times in the last four innings to place second at the national championship. That’s when loud-mouthed baseball dads took over and a brawl broke loose.

Yelling insults through a fence, one of the coaching staff/baseball dad’s literally ran to fight one of the opposing teams dads.



Both men squared up and started fighting each other until both men were wrestling on the ground.

Multiple other parents tried to break up the fight but had little success. Even when they pulled apart the instigating baseball dad wearing grey, he managed to kick the other dad in the face since he was still on the ground.


BaseBallDadAttack (2)

Police eventually arrived and reviewed this video along with taking statements. According to the description of the YouTube video, charges will be pressed against that man in the grey shirt who conveniently left the game after the fight.

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