Fishing On A Plank Did NOT End Well For This Man

Don’t take common sense or fishing lessons from the man featured in the video below because he has no idea what he’s doing.

This group of friends and their ridiculous fishing companion managed to capture a hilarious if obviously staged video while fishing on a pier.

Scroll down to see this hilarious fishing fail video.

I bet the fish weren’t biting for this group of friends so they had to resort to hilarious pirate antics and created a plank for them to walk.

One of the fishermen from this group decided to walk to the end of this unstable plank where he was going to cast off, which happened to be a terrible idea.


FishingF (3)

Miserably failing at casting off from the end of this plank, this crazy fisherman decided to bounce on the end of the plank while his friends were being used as a counterweight.

Obviously, this man had no common sense or planned to break this board as he bounced up and down.



Finally, the board snapped and sent this wannabe fisherman splashing in the water below.

If there were any fish this prankster certainly managed to scare them off after he walked the plank.

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FishingF (2)