Fearless Tourist Let’s A Wild Leopard Get Too Close While On African Safari

A fearless tourist out on a safari expedition had an encounter that was far too close for comfort with a wild leopard.

The tourist had to sit through some tense moments as this massive cat toyed with him.

Scroll down to watch this shocking footage recorded in Okavango Delta in northern Botswana.

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After recently killing an impala, this leopard with a full belly became quite curious and approached the vehicle, focusing on one man in particular.

An experienced safari guide driving the truck told the man to stay still as the big cat started inspecting the tourist.


LeopardEncounter (2)

Sniffing and pawing at the fearless tourist soon turned slightly bloody as this curious cat clawed at his leg, cutting him and drawing a small amount of blood.

Soon after the scratch happened the safari guide turned on the engine which spooked the big cat.



Running away, this curious cat certainly got too close for comfort but it never seemed to phase this man.

Would you let a leopard come this close to you? I know I wouldn’t.

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