Donald Trump’s Star In Hollywood Gets Savagely Destroyed With A Pickaxe

Another person has destroyed Donald Trump’s “star” on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, this time with a pickaxe, before surrendering to the Los Angeles police department.

What a crazy presidency it’s been for Trump so far.

Scroll down to watch this brazen man destroy the United States President’s “star” as shocked people watched and recorded.

Swinging a pickaxe with proper Fortnite form, this attacker on President Trump’s star certainly meant business as he completely busted the entire thing.

Originally installed back in 2007, the President’s star has been vandalized many times since the elections back in 2016.



The name of this pickaxe attacker and his court date are not yet known according to Sergeant Ray Brown of the LAPD.

The video shows that this destructive demolition completely destroyed the star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame which happened at approximately 3:30 AM.


StarDestroyed (3)

What are your thoughts on this man destroying Donald Trump’s star and what should his punishment(s) be?

Based on certain peoples response to the President, I doubt this is the last time that we see his star destroyed or vandalized.

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