Doctor removes an inch-long wriggling LEECH from a man’s nose

Stomach-churning video footage shows a doctor in Vietnam removing a live leech from a man’s nose. Measuring around an inch, the wriggly creature immediately starts thrashing after being delicately pulled out. The patient, whose identity is unknown, sits calmly as the doctor begins to prod around in his nostrils with tools. The footage was filmed in Nghe An, a province in the north of the country, around 186 miles (300km) south of the capital Hanoi. Dr. Manh Le, who extracted the blood-sucking leech, claimed the man had difficulty breathing from his nose because of the parasite.

It is thought he tried to coax the leech out using a laser, shining it into the man’s nose before eventually pulling it out with a tweezer-like tool. The doctor can be seen holding the blood-sucking parasite up with his equipment, and parading it to the camera. The footage was filmed in Bình Chuẩn on the border of a national park, called the Vườn quốc gia Pù Mát.


Local reports state the man, who works in the forest, reportedly drank water from a stream in the wilderness. It is unclear how long the leech had lived in the man’s nose, but they are known to be able to attach themselves to the insides of nostrils. An infestation of leeches inside a human’s body is known medically as hirudiniasis.