Creep Caught Staring At A Woman’s Behind Gets Smacked Down By Her Boyfriend

People seem like they can be triggered by the smallest event nowadays. Take the CCTV video below, where this sensitive boyfriend’s fist went flying seconds after he noticed a man looking at his girlfriend’s butt.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Blatantly leaned over a counter and staring directly at a random woman’s butt was a decision this man dressed in red likely regretted after the savage smackdown he received.

Caught in the act, this creeper immediately started to back away from the couple he was starring at but he was too slow.



One wild punch later and this creep was smacked down to the floor of this store by the boyfriend of the woman he was staring at.

Shocked, this woman became angry with her boyfriend and made him this creeper sorry for sucker punching him.


CreepPunch (2)

Was this protective boyfriend too sensitive? The last time I looked people can look around in public, even if this man was being a creep about it.

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