Crazy Basketball Brawl Breaks Out Between “Intimidating” Players & Referees Who “Attacked First”

A game between the Houston Raptors and the Chicago R.A.W. Athletics took a violent turn when a fight broke out between referees and players from both teams.

Scroll down to watch this all out brawl.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains coarse language and graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Chicago coach has been defending his player’s actions claiming that his player was attacked by a referee first.

WXIA reports that these out of control players were intimidating referee’s throughout the game and that the coaches statement was “not well-received” by those who have witnessed the video above.



You can see R.A.W. Athletics players standing over the referee after he fell, this is likely one of the times players were scene intimidating the ref.

Then running into the crazy action from another court was the father of the threatened referee, this is when fist fights started to break out as the action heated up.


AAUBrawl (2)

A second clip shows R.A.W. Athletics players beating a shirtless man on the ground.

Both players and referees lost their cool and both appear to be at fault. What are your thoughts?

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AAUBrawl (3)