Cop Savagely Gets Drop Kicked By A Protestor Throwing Garbage At Other Police

Protests in Romania turned messy when a cop in riot gear attacked a protestor before getting savagely drop kicked in return.

This shocking video highlights the protests against corruption happening in Romania.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

One protester in Romania was particularly aggressive while protesting as he lost his cool head and threw something at a policeman trying walking through the wild crowd of protesters.

Jumping to the rescue of his fellow officer, another cop dressed in riot gear pushed the protester who was attacking police.



A wild exchange then occurred between this cop and the fleeing protester.

Jumping a fence out of the reach of the cops wearing heavy riot gear, these policemen couldn’t grab a hold of this crazy protester.

Seconds later this wild protester came back and delivered a savage dropkick to the chest of the guard who tried to grab him.


ProtesterAttacked (2)

The shocking video suddenly ends following the kung-fu style kick, so it’s unclear how the scuffle between this protester and the cop finished.

Protests against government corruption continued for the second straight day in Romania yesterday and are expected to continue today.

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