Cockroach Firework Rocket Sends This Pest On An Explosive Journey

Cockroaches have always been survivors first, which is why this roach strapped to a firework likely survived his explosive flight into the sky.

Scroll down to watch a video of the first cockroach with a dream of going to space.

Warning, the following video may not be suitable for all viewers as it contains coarse language and graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Strapped to a firework, this squirming cockroach did not look prepared for the explosive flight he was about to go on.

Since it’s a cockroach, I doubt a firework managed to kill it since these pests can survive just about anything.



Lighting the fuse for the firework, this person launched the doomed cockroach far up into the air.

Sadly, we don’t get to see the explosive finish as the firework exploded in the air. I bet that roach landed safely in the neighbor’s backyard.


RoachRocket (2)

I imagine this roach managed to survive the explosion in the air. I mean, these bugs have a reputation for being the hardiest insects around, not even a nuclear bomb will stop them.

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