Cigarette Bum Gets An Explosive Surprise In The Smoke He Took From A Friends Car

Everybody knows at least one person who bums and begs their way through life, whether its a drink at the bar, some cash, or in this videos case, a cigarette.

This special cigarette is different than most though, aesthetically the same but far more explosive.

Scroll down to watch this explosive video.

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Suspicious, this cigarette bum suspected that this cigarette was tampered with – for a second – before acting like all was normal and that the cigarette was his originally.

Buddy won’t be taking cigarettes from his friend after he lights up this rigged cigarette with a firecracker inside of it.




Boom goes the dynamite as the saying goes, or in this case, the firecracker-cigarette.

Completely shocked, this cigarette bum will think twice before begging for a smoke the next time he has a craving.


RiggedCig (2)

The hilarious video then repeats a few times to highlight this cigarette bums shocked reaction to “his” cigarette exploding.

Undeterred, this raspy-voiced man continues to light whats left of his cigarette. Some people will never change…

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RiggedCig (3)