Child Tragicly Taken From Mom & Given To Strangers, Jailed Dad’s Parents

A mom was forced to watch her daughter get taken away by the police and the child’s grandmother, which did not go well.

Dragged away, kicking and screaming – literally, this poor child was taken away from her mother for reasons unknown.

Scroll down to watch this shocking video and decide for yourself: is this right or wrong?

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Obviously, it’s hard to understand this situation without knowing all the details. These could be bad parents and this could be a caring grandmother.

But based on the child’s reaction to being taken away, she is obviously terrified of leaving her mother with this stranger.



According to the posting on WSHH the mother was court order to give her child over to her parental grandparents.

The last time this kid saw her grandparents she was still a baby and hasn’t seen them in years because of her fathers “…prison sentences and continued legal problems.”


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There must be more to this situation for the courts to let these grandparents raise the child instead of her mother. Whatever the details are, it’s almost always tragic to separate a child from its mother.

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