“Big Mama” Lands A Massive Belly Flop Speeding Off A Crazy Slide

Any person who has used a rope-swing, been cliff jumping, or simply dived into a pool knows how painful a belly flop can be.

Well, imagine belly flopping off of a massive slide?

Scroll down to watch this video of a woman belly flopping off of the Slip N Fly slide down in Tijuana, Mexico.

Nicknamed “Big Mama” by the people recording this hilarious water park video, this female slider was about to have an extremely sore stomach.

Sliding down the slide in slow motion compared to other sliders, this woman launched off of the end of the slide with significant hang time.



Hanging in the air for nearly three seconds before smacking against the water, “Big Mama” belly-flopped with a loud sound.

“Big Mama” appeared shocked as she surfaced from underneath the water of the pool, as a lifeguard dived in to assist the most recent victim of a belly-flop on the Slip N Fly.


BellyFlop (3)

Then multiple montages highlight the belly-flop in slow-motion, showing exactly how much hang time “Big Mama” had.

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BellyFlop (2)